Go Oats

If you enjoy the hearty flavor of oatmeal but don’t have the time to whip up a bowl yourself, you are going to love GoOats. All the delicious flavors and nutrition of oatmeal are packed into bite-sized delights for you to take on the go! GoOats caters to both oatmeal lovers and those on the go. They believe breakfast shouldn’t be a chore and their convenient easy-to-eat formula makes it so you never have to sacrifice nutrition for a time crunch.

GoOats is a chef-inspired brand that prioritizes both health and taste, using natural ingredients like fresh blueberries and real Vermont maple syrup. They offer delicious flavors like blueberry, maple brown sugar, and apple cinnamon, making them appealing to all age groups. GoOats uses steel-cut oats, farm-fresh dairy, and various natural flavors to make these crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, oatmeal-in-a-ball bites.

You may recognize GoOats from their recent feature on Shark Tank. After a successful pitch, Nahum Jeannot, the company’s founder and COO (Chief Oatmeal Officer), landed a deal with investor Barbara Corcoran, further launching the success of the company. However, the recognition and visibility Go Oats experienced was only beginning. By 2020, Nahum won in SCORE’s Perfect Product Pitch and continued on to partner with SLC Group Holdings.

GoOats’ success all starts with a strong, family-forward foundation. Oatmeal was a staple in founder Nahum Jeannot’s childhood. Growing up, his mom and grandmom made it a priority to always feed Nahum and his siblings hearty and healthy meals, no matter the rush or situation. Oatmeal, made with real and fresh ingredients, was a great way to fuel their busy days. GoOats takes that family classic and puts a unique twist on it, carrying on the foundation built by his mom and grandmom.

You can now find GoOats across the U.S. in the freezer section of several Heinen’s and Whole Foods, Sprout’s nationwide, and several more retailers. To find GoOats near you, visit https://www.gooats.life/pages/find-us