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At the Navigator Lighthouse Foundation, we are committed to empowering minority and women entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever felt unseen or unheard by the food industry, we at the Navigator Lighthouse Foundation are here to illuminate a tailored pathway for your unique brand.

As a member of The Navigator Lighthouse Foundation, you gain access to:

  • Education and Training on the Grocery Business, including Free Webinars/Workshops
  • Introduction to Capital Opportunities – Nexxus Movere
  • Grants – Pitch Contest for Grant Funds
  • Scholarships for Food Industry education programs (USC, Cornell)
  • Industry Events and Organizations
  • Education from Retailers and Venture Capitalists
  • 100% Charitable donation that continues to provide support for minority women-owned CPG brands

Use the form below to apply for membership to the Navigator Lighthouse Foundation. If approved, there is a one-time $399.00 membership fee you will be prompted to pay via email once admitted. Once paid, your membership is confirmed and you will gain immediate access to all the resources and benefits available to you as a member of the Navigator Lighthouse Foundation.

Apply for our support below, and let’s get your products to the shelves!