Cultivating & Illuminating Future
Women and Minority CPG Leaders

Our Passion & Commitment

To combat systemic racism by creating a platform & resources to uplift Black, Brown, Asian and Women owned business owners in the grocery industry.

Our Vision

To create a holistic success system for women and minority CPG entrepreneurs to launch and succeed in the grocery industry.

Severe Market Imbalance

Venture Capital in USA: Just under 3% of venture capital awarded to women-led teams. Only 1% goes to Black and Latinx founders.

Featured Article

Okazu by Abokichi 

Okazu’s story began when Abokichi co-founder Jess first encountered onigiri (Japanese rice balls) as a healthy and convenient snack or meal while living in Tokyo. After returning to Canada, Jess had difficulty finding healthy, natural, and minimally processed food to eat on the run. As a result, she decided to introduce onigiri as a healthy option for

Key Functions


Access to retailers and investors to increase presence and exposure for under-represented entrepreneurs.


Provide biweekly webinars on topics such as brand marketing, digital marketing, sales presentations, financing your business and more.


Connect minority and women owned brands with New Brand Seed Funding and Expansion Funding to cultivate innovation and get their products into the marketplace.