Navigator Lighthouse Foundation Fights Systemic Racism by Lighting the Way for Women and Minority-Owned Brands

Orange County, CA: Veteran brokers, Allen and Subriana Pierce from Navigator Sales and Marketing, announce the launch of The Navigator Lighthouse Foundation. The Foundation is committed to combatting systemic racism by giving its attention, platform, and resources to uplift Black, Brown, and women-owned businesses. Part of this support revolves around the educational opportunities provided by the foundation to women and minority entrepreneurs in the CPG industry. 

The Navigator Lighthouse Foundation aims to train, educate, and empower women and minority-owned brands. Utilizing their broker services, Allen and Subriana have helped dozens of brands get their product placed in thousands of stores across the country. Joining Allen and Subriana are six board members, Stephen Takeda, Portfolio Management Director and Financial Advisor from Morgan Stanley, Donald K. Wilson, U.S. President of Entertainment and IP at Zhong Lun Law Firm, Denise Woodard, CEO of Partake Foods, Chris Ishii, President and CEO of D4DT, Jim Goldberg, CEO of ReThunk Foods, and Dave Dimond, Senior Vice President of Sales for Milton’s Craft Bakers.

Allen and Subriana Pierce launched this foundation after noticing a lack of retail education, distribution, technology, and funding for promising minority and women-owned businesses in their community. The goal of The Navigator Lighthouse Foundation is to increase the representation of minority and women entrepreneurs in the CPG industry by providing these brands with the tailored solutions they need. The support offered by the foundation includes grocery education, opportunities for grants, opportunities to gain knowledge from investors, marketing, technology tools, supply chain support and financial management. 

Advisory Board member Denise Woodard, the founder of Partake Foods, states, “What is most important to us is lifting as we climb. Being the sole founder of Partake Foods was a tough journey. There were many aspects of this industry I didn’t fully understand when I was getting started. But there were people, like fellow board members Dave Dimond and Jim Goldberg, who were willing to donate their time, expertise, and knowledge to me. We encourage members of this foundation to take full advantage of the support we offer; our goal is to make your journey easier and faster than it was for us.”

Board member Stephen Takeda from Morgan Stanley says, “What you’re going to hear from this foundation is tough love—not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. This starts with education. You need a strong understanding of the industry, on all sides, to make those really difficult decisions. With this foundation, we want you to have the right support and knowledge to make those informed decisions that ultimately determine the success of your business.”

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